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Title: Teddy Bear
Pairing: Akame
Beta: unfortunatelly unbetad :(
Genre: fluff
Rating: none
Summary: Jin's Teddy Bear is the best thing which could he imagine.
A/D: So this is a really short drabble. I'm posting it here, 'cause I really don't know when I will be able to find a time to write something else or if I ever find an inspiration for writting.

Nightmares were driving Jin crazy. He was waking up almost every night, sweating and shaking. He hadn’t any idea, how to get rid of those dreams. He even couldn’t have remembered those dreams, when he had woken up. His whole body was painfully shaking and he could have done only one thing – cuddled with his Teddy Bear. The problem was that his own Teddy Bear wasn’t with him.

But he wasn’t a person, who had given up so easily, so almost every night he was driving right to Kazuya’s apartment. He even hadn’t woken him up, because he had his own keys to Kazuya’s home.

He had just opened Kame’s doors and quickly slipped into his bed. The smell and presence of another skinny, but warm and such a lovely body of his boyfriend made him feel better.

“Bad dream?” Kazuya whispered and that made Jin smile. He could have only nodded slowly and the other hugged him tight. “Don’t worry. I’m here for you, honey” then he added and kissed Jin’s forehead as if Jin was a kid.

That was when Akanishi realized one thing: he had the best Teddy Bear on the whole world and he hadn’t been a person, who was able to share with someone else. Kazuya was only his and both of them loved this kind of thing.

He hugged the younger one back and he smiled to him sweetly.

“I know Teddy Bear, I love you” then he kissed forehead of his lovely boyfriend and he had fallen asleep.  

Tags: drabble, teddy bear

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