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[Fic:] Cementry guest

Title: Cementry guest.
Pairing: none (slight Akame I think...)
Beta: unfortunatelly unbetad :(
Genre: dunno...
Rating: none
Summary: Jin is visiting cementry.
A/D: Right now I want ask you for help. Could you please point every single mistake which I've got? Pretty please? And if you have a time to do that so could you please corrected them? 

Jin woke up in the middle of the night. He was painfully shaking and he felt horrible. The nightmare came once again and he couldn’t do anything to get rid of it. Night after night he was dreaming about his boyfriend’s death. He rubbed his tired eyes and he got up from the bed. He knew, he wouldn’t be able to sleep again, so he decided to go for a walk.

He took a deep breath and he closed his eyes and he started to walk down the street. The cold, fresh air was always calming him up. Bad memories faded away and the good ones came back to him. Then he opened his eyes and suddenly he stopped and he realized where he was.

Cemetery. The graves were surrounding him. It was surprising for him. He had no intention to get there. For a one second he stopped breathing. It was like a sign from God. He hadn’t been there since his funeral. He couldn’t do another step. It was too painful for him. Being there in the middle of the night… For God sake! What the hell was he doing there?! He didn’t know and he supposed that even God wouldn’t be able to explain such a phenomenon.

Suddenly he felt someone’s cold hand on his arm. He bit his mouth and he stopped breathing for a moment. His heart beated faster, but he hadn’t move. He gulped nervously, but he wouldn’t dare to look at his guest. He was terrified and he could only wait for his guest to move.

‘What are you doing here?’ he heard a familiar male voice. He slowly breathed out and he turned to the mysterious guest.

‘Visited Kazuya’s grave I guess’ he muttered with a huge relief, and then he laughed. He couldn’t believe that for a second he thought that it was Kazuya’s ghost, who came for him. And he knew that he wanted to be with his lover forever so maybe he wanted that to be true? A bitter laugh left his mouth, because he realized that he really missed his boyfriend. He wanted to be with him once again. ‘I still love him Pi’ he muttered and one single tear left his eye.

‘I know Jin, I know, but he wouldn’t be happy if he knew that you are crying’ Pi hugged him tight and Jin knew that the other was right. He must be strong and he needed to live his own life till the death.

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